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Join us on our journey to build a collaborative, no-code, flexible data modeling platform. 

Coming 2022.

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  • Apps

    Start with one for one problem. Configure and share within minutes.

  • Platform

    Personalize, connect, share and build your own apps easily.

  • Team

    Start with everyone for free. Collaborate and work better together.

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Arithmix apps are a complete
set of ready-to-go tables and
dashboards focused on solving
a specific planning need.

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Build easy

Arithmix combines the
familiarity of spreadsheets with
the superpower of building
scalable apps.

Work together

Easily and securely share your
app with your planning team.

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Try for free with our first app

Arithmix_Homepage Quota App Section Icon-01-01Quota App

Create, test, agree, share, and
manage your sales plans.

  • Versions

    Manage and solve the tension of top down targets to bottom up quotas

  • Unlimited users

    Share, collaborate and report with everyone on the team to get buy in and alignment

  • Prebuilt intelligence

    Set your standard for target coverage and rep quotas while managing the complexity of new hires, ramp time, transfers, attrition, overrides and overlays

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