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Analyze everything.

Your easy-to-use, powerful platform to build, connect and collaborate on numbers

Arithmix dashboard
Arithmix dashboard
Coming 2023

Make the leap from spreadsheets to workspaces

Spreadsheet flexibility meets the richness of multi-dimensionality

Simple md Simple sm

Simple to start

Grab a ready-made app and configure in minutes or build your own from scratch

Quick md Quick sm

Quick to connect

Simple to share and collaborate with your team and their apps

Source md Source sm

A single source

Bring your team, process, and numbers into one flexible and secure place

Run md Run sm

Ready to run

Build for the long-haul: take action, create new versions, and adjust on the fly

Be one of the first to try the world’s easiest and most flexible data modeling platform

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Where are we?

Follow along with our releases and new features, and get to know the ins and outs of everything our team is building.

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January 2022

Big news to kick off 2022: The Quota Plan template is now in Beta, with the Builder environment Alpha coming soon. And we’re learning loads so far. For example, with the ability to build their own models and app templates, users...

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Join us on our journey to build a collaborative, no-code, flexible data modeling platform