Everyone plans.

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Synchronize your teams and their numbers with apps created and connected on one platform

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Simple yet powerful apps

Start with a best practice app for one planning problem. Configure in minutes. When ready, get cracking with your next app.

Connected by one platform

Personalize, connect, and share your apps using our massively scalable engine.

Build for your team

Build your own apps. Share apps across teams. Start with everyone for free and only pay after you’ve proven value.

Try for free with our first app

Arithmix is free to use forever by teams of any size and you can upgrade when ready to paid plans for support and power.

Please visit Pricing for more details.



Each app, starting off with our Quota App, is a complete and ready-to-go set of purpose-built tables and dashboards:

  • Focused on fulfilling a specific planning need
  • Free to start and easy to personalize
  • Delivering incredible value in minutes


Planners will leverage existing skills and become crazy good at using the Arithmix platform with its:

  • Secure, scalable, responsive, and open functionality
  • Spreadsheet-like build environment for ease of use and accessibility
  • Anyone can start for free, then at your own pace, build, share and use for all your numbers needs
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We’re building a platform where anyone can create, manage and share their numbers.

What to expect?
  • Use for financial and operational planning
  • Configure and personalize
  • Combine and connect your apps however you want
  • Expand use at your own pace
  • A minute to learn; a lifetime of planning power
  • Import your actuals
  • Share quickly and with control
  • Full support, help guides, and videos
  • Free to start; free to prove
  • Simple pay-for-what-you-use value-based pricing
  • Unlimited dimensions and measures
  • Take advantage of pre-built apps and create your own


Share each app with your team when ready:

  • Invite who you want to access, review, and participate
  • Control who can see and do what
  • Give everyone access to the latest numbers and news for review and analysis

How it works
in 60 seconds

Watch the video to get a quick
look at our platform in action.

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Be an early adopter! Try Quota App

  • Create, manage, and report sales reps quotas and performance
  • Share the numbers, get the whole team involved
  • Get early adopter advantages such as special pricing and advisor influence 

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Image 48Apps1