Advanced importing

Import to update dimensions, measures and table data.

KBase Import Export

Importing from the latest source will update the data in tables, and can add new dimensions, dimension items or measures as as needed.

For using an import to build a table, adding dimensions and populating measures go here.

Importing additional table data walkthrough

  • From the target table, use the quick action button and select the source. The table view will automatically preview the import, and where column headers match dimension names will prefill the map import. 

  • Update the map import as needed for:
    • Include/exclude new dimensions and measures.
    • Confirming the option for updating linked dimensions.
  • Click and define how to import, using replace or add, into the selected target version. 

  • Click to . You can perform quick checks via confirming row count during the import menu and after import compare totals. The new table will contain an ID dimension to identify each unique row.

Importing next month data

This example demonstrates using add data to import February data, including updating dimensions for new items.