Builder 101.1 Sales and cost analysis (30 minutes)

Build a simple sales and cost analysis app

This exercise introduces new Builders to the basics of building apps in Arithmix. Learn how dimensions, measures and tables combine to build analytics and planning apps.

Download this exercise here.

Download the sample CRM import files for January 2023 and February 2023

You will build

Quick overview of exercise

  • Import a file with sales data and use it to build a a table of dimensions and measures.
  • Review and use the Contents panel.
  • Work with dimension levels and hierarchies, table views and build a measure calculation.
  • Build a new table reusing existing dimensions. Build a measure calculation that connects tables.
  • Import next months sales, add a new dashboard and reuse tables.

Last updated: February 2023

Level of Builder expertise: Basic

Target time to complete: 30 minutes

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