Building a new table

Tables combine dimensions and measures into views for your data collection, reporting, analysis and visualization tasks

KBase Tables

Tables define your views of data.

A table is created by combining dimensions and measures. One table can solve multiple tasks by leveraging table views.

Working with new tables

Adding a table to the grid

  • To add a new table, start in the grid by right clicking or using the button. Get started quickly with the add new table menu.
  • To reuse an existing table, drag and drop from Contents. Then update to your required table view.

Add new table menu

Select your table type from the most common layouts - including Import CSV if you have a CSV file with dimensions and measures ready to use.
Add New Table

New table default layout

Your new table has everything you need to build. 

Naming a table

Rename a table via double left click.Rename Table-1

Building on and expanding the table

From your starting point you can progress to add dimensions and measures, update and organize table views.

image-png-Aug-18-2022-09-53-29-91-PM image-png-Aug-23-2022-05-41-27-96-PM