Contents panel

Using the contents panel to build, understand and update apps

KBase Contents

The contents panel is where the dimensionsmeasures and table contents of an app are listed, updated and available for use.

Contents panel at a glance

As new dimensions, measures or tables are created in an app they are automatically added into the contents panel. 

Using the contents panel you can:

  • Find, view and access all your app contents.
  • Understand and update the dimensions and measures used to build tables.

  • Expand a table to understand and utilize its dimensions and measures.
  • Drag in contents to the grid as needed. Examples include:
    • Inserting a new view of a table.
    • Reusing a dimension as the first element of a new table or adding to a table.
    • Reusing a measure as the first element of a new table or inserting into an existing table.
  • Drag out to contents from the grid tables.

As you move around the app, the contents panel will highlight applicable contents.

Working with Contents Panel

Open the contents panel to access table views, dimensions and measures and drag onto the grid to update the dashboard. 
  • Open Contents to explore the contents of the app (to review the Rep performance table dimensions and measures). 

KBase contents6b3c1ab5.autosave-0

  • Adding a table into the grid by dragging from the contents panel. 

KBase contents6b3c1ab5.autosave-2

  • Reusing a table by dragging from the contents panel. Position by dropping the table above, below, to the left or right of existing tables.

KBase contents6b3c1ab5.autosave-3

  • Removing the Rep performance table (the Summary table view) by dragging into the contents panel.

KBase contents6b3c1ab5.autosave-1

  • Building or updating an existing table by dragging a dimension from the contents panel (adding a dimension to a table is also possible via the context menu). Drag and drop the dimension onto pages, rows or columns as preferred.

KBase contents6b3c1ab5.autosave-4