Work with dashboards to organize tables and optimize your app layout and flow

KBase Dashboards Dashboards are used to organize tables

A dashboard is typically built for a primary purpose - grouping tables for visualization and reporting, data collection, import and export, or app configuration (organizing dimensions, time, assumptions and drivers).

Dashboards at a glance

In a new or existing dashboard, you build, view and interact with tables.

Working with dashboards

  • Build a new dashboard using the +.

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  • Move to another dashboard with a single left click.
  • Rename a dashboard via double left click or right click to open the context menu.

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  • Reorder dashboards with left click and hold, then drag and drop. The blue marker indicates potential placement options as you move.
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  • Dashboards may be grouped. A dashboard group is automatically created when dropping one dashboard on another. Within the group, the dashboards can be reordered or drag out to ungroup.

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