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Arithmix is the multidimensional analytics and planning platform for builders and teams who are working and collaborating with numbers and related data.

Numbers and related data is stored, accessed and managed within apps.

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Introduction to working with dimensions, measures and tables in Arithmix


Arithmix at a glance

From your home page, access your teams, to build, manage and share apps.

Invite users to collaborate in apps, where they securely navigate the app dashboards, interact with multidimensional tables, and perform analysis and planning tasks.

Key Arithmix terms to learn

  • Home. The place to organize your apps, teams, users and your Arithmix account.
  • Team. Where you group apps for a specific team of users to access. 
  • App. Focused on a use case, the place to build, share and work with numbers.
  • Dashboards. Apps are organized by dashboards.
  • Dimensions. Build lists of like-items and their hierarchies. 
  • Measures. Store your data types in measures, combine with dimensions into tables. Measures include numbers, dates, test and calculations.
  • Tables. On a dashboard, use dimensions and measures to build new tables. Reuse tables. Each table has table views to share layouts designed for data entry, analysis and planning activities. 


Looking for the perfect start to learning Arithmix?
Our Builder 101.1 Exercise here kicks off with you importing sample January CRM data. In about 30 minutes you will:

  • Use the data to dynamically build dimensions, measures and your table (including table views with varying displays).
  • Extend the analysis with new measures, then import February CRM data.

Then... apply the learnings to your own data.