Pivoting and slicing tables

Update the table view by working with dimensions, measures and the quick action buttons

KBase Tables Pivot the rows, columns and pages to analyze data and set task-based layouts.

Share all or focused slices of dimension items and measures.

Pivoting the table

Grab, drag and drop the dimension name or measures header to pivot the table view. Each table view can be saved.

Each table view reflects the selected pivoting and slicing. By saving the table view a wide variety of layouts from detailed analysis and precise data entry to summary charts is driven from one table. 

Pivoting in action

Pivoting repositions dimensions into the required row, column or page position and order. 
  • Drag to concatenate and swap dimensions. 

  • Drag to insert, remove or reorder dimensions. 


Slicing the table view

Slice the table view through the quick action button to filter and sort (these tasks are also accessible via the table context menu) or hiding dimension items or measures.

  • Filtering based on a combination of list dimension items. 
  • Sorting the order of list dimensions.
  • Hiding list dimension items or measures.


Left click and select each list dimension and apply the filter rule. The table view will dynamically update based on each filter applied. 



Left click  and sort one or more list dimensions into the required order. 


Hide dimension items or measures

For fine tuning the hiding of specific dimension items or measures, open the context menu and select hide item/measure.