App basics

Using the grid, dashboards and contents to build a new app or work with an existing app.

KBase App Templates

Apps are multidimensional analytics and planning applications.

All apps are built, worked on and updated by users on the grid in the builder environment.

User access to apps is controlled by their team-level user roles.

Introduction to apps

When working with an open app, users leverage the main components of dashboards, contents and the grid.

  • Contents. Where the tables, dimensions and measures of the app are listed, updated and available for reuse. 
  • Dashboards. Organize the app layout.

  • Grid. The grid is the canvas for building tables and organizing their layout within each dashboard.

Grid basics

In an new or existing app, the grid is the canvas for building and updating tables and organizing their layout within each dashboard.

Starting with a new (blank) app

When starting a new app you will be working in the grid to:

Using an existing app

Opening an existing app, the grid will contain one or more table views. A table is activated (with the measures and dimensions highlighted) when it is clicked into.

In an existing app, subject to your role, key tasks include:

  • Updating data entry in tables.
  • Viewing tables for reporting and analysis.
  • Adding new or reorganizing existing dashboards layout.