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For individuals or small teams

$0 user/month

  • For up to 3 users per app
  • Unlimited apps
  • Up to 10 viewers


For growing and large teams

Coming soon

  • Same as Free
  • Unlimited users


For cross-team collaboration

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  • Same as Team
  • Connected apps

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The Free edition is perfect for individuals and small teams of up to 5 users (and unlimited viewers) and it is free forever. With the Free edition, you'll receive full Arithmix functionality to build, share and collaborate on your apps. Paid plans offer additional power, such as enabling large apps and scaling for teams as they grow and their needs get more complex.

A viewer will always be limited to viewing apps that are shared with them. They'll be using Arithmix in a "view-only" capacity.

A user will have additional access to edit and update apps. Users may also share apps, inviting and managing other users and viewers.

Apps are analysis and planning applications built using tables of dimensions and measures, dashboards, and workflow. Apps are typically built to address focused use cases, including planning, data collection and consolidation, analysis and complex modeling. Apps are shared with teams of users.

Those using the Organization or Enterprise editions of Arithmix will receive Connected Apps functionality, where dimensions and measures can be shared across apps so that data is automatically shared between apps. This allows users to easily build suites of apps that all share data.

In Free and Team edition, Arithmix apps are not dynamically connected.

Pricing for everyone.

No matter the size or function of your team, Arithmix is for you. It’s our mission to bring easy multi-dimensional analysis and planning to everyone.