One platform to run all your team’s numbers

Quickly and easily build your own data models, run the numbers, and take action with your team.

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A powerful platform with a familiar face

Like a spreadsheet, but rather than connecting data cell to cell, relationships in Arithmix are built between entire dimensions (rows/columns).

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Changes in one place ripple through your entire model

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Write 10x-100x fewer formulas; formulas won’t break when your data changes

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Easily create and compare different versions of the same model

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Collaborate with your entire team in the platform

Get started quickly with one of our pre-built templates

See what we’re building in Arithmix and start running your numbers right away.

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Every team is a data-driven team when given the tools and opportunity.

Millions of spreadsheet users write software to work with numbers every day, but it’s time to grow into a new solution.