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Arithmix_Homepage Quota App Section Icon-01-01-1Quota app

Create, test, agree, share, and manage your sales plans, reconciling top down targets with bottom up quotas by sales rep and teams by dimensions such as market, channel, and product.

Planning Quota can be easier than you think


Setting the right quota is mission-critical for all sales teams. This Quota app is for sales teams measured by financial and metrics-based quotas. The app scales from small to large teams easily.


  • Manage and solve the tension of top down targets with bottom up by rep quotas
  • Share securely with everyone on the team for buy in, alignment, and reporting
  • Set standards for target coverage, quotas, and ramp time by rep role and manage the complexity of new hires, transfers, promotions, overrides, and overlays


Unlimited planning versions allow you to explore and compare alternatives and nail down the numbers. Update and forecast day-today, month-to-month, whenever you need.

Integrate with actuals

Upload actuals to ensure historical performance informs and can be compared to planned quotas and metric goals. Upload actuals as frequently as needed for ongoing reporting and analysis.

Configure to your process

Starting from a prebuilt app, configure for your reps, teams, and hierarchies.

One place for quota performance

Safely store actual and planned quotas for the lifetime of your reps and teams to enable endless analysis and comparison of performance metrics and cohorts via reports and visualization.

Connect apps

In time, connect to other planning apps, such as:

  • Pipeline app to compare pipeline, forecast, and actuals to quota
  • Compensation app to plan, track, and report calculated compensation based upon planned or actual performance

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Last Updates July 2021

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