Arithmix New Release - January 2022

Our Quota Plan Template is now in Beta!

Get on the waitlist, today.

We have big plans for 2022. Tons of new features, updates, and templates are in the works for this year, and we can't wait to show you what the team's been working on.

The first release of the year, in fact, already went live. See what's new below.

But first, some quick housekeeping:

If you have five minutes and are involved in Sales Operations/Performance at your company or organization, please take this survey about how you work.

It will help us identify new features and use cases.

Our Quota Plan template is now in Beta, and we're getting ready to fully launch our open app template Builder in the coming months.
If this is something you'd have interest in Beta testing, let us know! We'd love to have you join us.

January new release feature highlights:

UI: We've polished our UI and right click (RC) menus. RC menus are used to change views and data and manage layout and interactions. And they all operate in context. We'd love your feedback on their ease of use when working with tables, dimensions, or measures (and what you feel might be missing from their functionality).

Tour and Type: Users can now edit their tables and app templates while using Tour mode. Additionally, Builders can now create tours for their own app templates to help guide navigation, data entry, viewing analysis, and help user adoption.

Home Screen: We've updated the Home screen to make it easier for Team-level sharing, allowing you to share with anyone with a simple email invite. We've also allowed you the ability to sort your app templates and have cleaned up the options around settings and deleting and copying app templates.

We're adding new faces to our incredible group of Beta testers every day and collecting everyone's great ideas for improvement and features. Please feel free to let us know anything you'd like to see. And, as always, click the button below to get on the waitlist for access.

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